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     LEARN: The History of MPEG
Learn about the History of MPEG - - Private
     SHARE: MPEG FORUM GUIDELINES/ New Member Introductions
THE MPEG FORUM Rules and Guidelines - - Private
New Member? - Please Introduce Yourself Here!
- - Private
     Meet The MPEG Advisory Board and Coordinators
NEW! Meet the MPEG Advisory Board - - Private
Meet the MPEG Coordinators - - Private
     LEARN: MPEG Alerts/Updates/ Forum Use Questions and Issues
MPEG Updates, Alerts and Breaking News!
from Mark, the MPEG Advisory Board and MPEG Coordinators
- - Private
Questions on Forum Use / MPEG Forum Suggestions
Please post here or email Mark!
- - Private
     TEACH/LEARN: MPEG Local Meetings, Webinars and One on One Help
Local (Brunswick,OH) MPEG Meetings 2014 (and webinar links if applicable)
All of the LOCAL 2014 MPEG Meetings are listed here. You must REPLY to a meeting thread you plan to attend for a headcount.
- - Private
MPEG Local Meeting Post-Presentation Links
MPEG meeting presenters may post web links, download links pertinent to their presentations.
- - Private
NEW! MPEG Webinars- Suggested Topics - - Private
NEW! MPEG Webinars 2014
Webinars presented by MPEG members and non-members
- - Private
NEW! MPEG Pro Webinars 2014
MPEG webinars presented by Professional Photographers and MPEG Software Partners!
- - Private
NEW! RECORDED MPEG Webinar Links - - Private
NEW! One on One Photography Help Online Sessions
Need some private help with Lightroom ? Photoshop? HDR?
- - Private
     The MPEG Marketplace
Buy/Sell/Trade Here!
amongst MPEG Forum members
- - Private
MPEG's Professional Members Marketplace
Promote and sell your workshops, books, prints, CDs, etc. here
- - Private
     SHARE: MPEG Software Partners/Discounts
MPEG Software Partners
MPEG Discount codes and product info here
- - Private
     NEW! Teach/Learn: The Members Learning Forum
NEW! Come in and share!
Share your photo ops, photography kudos, movies, music, games, other events/activities that may of interest to other members!
- - Private
Do you have a photography question? Get an answer here.
- - Private
NEW! The Photography Daily
A daily dose of photography know-how, tips, tricks, news, book reviews, software reviews, etc.
- - Private
NEW! Computers, Cameras, Lenses, Printers, Acccessories Talk - - Private
NEW! Software: Lightroom, PS Elements, Photoshop,Aperture Talk
- - Private
Alphabet Challenge - - Private
Photography and the Law - - Private
     SHARE: MPEG Member Special Learning Forums
Around The World with Susan Onysko
Join Susan as she periodically posts some of her travel images and the story behind them!
- - Private
NEW!! Dale Kincaid's Texture Art Gallery by Dale Kincaid
Post your textured images here for Dale
- - Private
Josh's Nature Photography Tips by Josh Clark
MPEG Coordinator will share his nature photography tips in this Forum.
- - Private
"Little Landscapes" by Jerry Jelinek
Join Jerry as he exposes you to some macro moments!
- - Private
Photographing the "Wild, Wild West" ! by Kirby Flanagan
Nevada based, MPEG Coordinator Kirby Flanagan will enlighten you with his experience/knowledge of photographing the "Wild , Wild, West"!
- - Private
     TEACH/LEARN: MPEG Member Image Review/ CC Forum
Do you want some feedback on a photo? Post it here!
Submit a photo for constructive criticism (CC) by MPEG's Membership
- - Private
     SHARE: Photo Sharing / How to Post Images in the MPEG Forums
4 Easy Ways to post your images in the MPEG Forums - - Private
Photo Sharing Sites
Online, social media, publishing
- - Private
     NEW! SHOOT: 2014 MPEG CLED GroupShoots by SEASON
What is a MPEG CLED GroupShoot? - - Private
MPEG CLED GroupShoot Suggestions
Do you know a really cool photo op? Post it here!
- - Private
CLED Winter (December/January/February) - - Private
CLED Spring (March/April/May) - - Private
CLED Summer (June/July/August) - - Private
CLED Fall (September/October/November) - - Private
     SHARE: MPEG CLED GroupShoot Results
2013 MPEG CLED Groupshoot Results - - Private
2014 MPEG CLED Groupshoot Results - - Private
     NEW! SHARE: DIY Shoot - I plan to go ......
MPEG DIY Shoots: Plans to Go....
I plan to do this DIY on this date, you are welcome to join me.....
- - Private
     NEW! SHOOT: 2014 MPEG DIY Shoots by SEASON
What is a MPEG DIY Shoot? - - Private
MPEG DIY Shoot Suggestions - - Private
DIY Winter (December/January/February) - - Private
DIY Spring (March/April/May) - - Private
DIY Summer (June/July/August) - - Private
DIY Fall (September/October/November) - - Private
     SHARE: MPEG DIY Shoot Results
2014 MPEG DIY Shoot Results
Members who performed a DIY Shoot, START A NEW TOPIC and POST your DIY results here.
- - Private
     Share: My FAV Image of the Year...
My FAV Image of 2013! - - Private
     NEW! SHARE: USA and Beyond Photography Venues (PLEASE POST Photo OP Info only in these Forums)
NEW! USA and Beyond Photography Opportunties
Please post only information links and personal experiences tips!
- - Private
     NEW! and Improved SHARE: Share your photos and experiences!
Digital Photo Art/Creative Photography
Digital watercolor? oil paint? composites? .. share your creative images here!
- - Private
Infrared (IR) Photography
Share your infrared images here!
- - Private
Landscape (Architectural) Photography
Waterfalls? Lighthouses? The Palouse? Old Barns? Share your landscape image here!
- - Private
Macro Photography
Share your "Up Close" and Personal images here!
- - Private
Pets, People and Portrait Photography
Fav cat? dog? Family? Models? Share your images here!
- - Private
Special Events/Festival Photography
Concerts? Reenactments? Share your event photos here!
- - Private
Sports/Recreation Photography
Baseball? Football? Soccer? Share your sports images here!
- - Private
Travel Photography
Been to Europe? Maybe Vermont? St Louis? Wherever, Share with us your travel images and experiences here!
- - Private
Urban/UrbEx Photography
Share with us your decayed, old, broken but beautiful building images here!
- - Private
USA National Park Photography
Share with us your National Park images here!
- - Private
Wildlife Photography
Song birds? Moose? eagles? Share your wildlife images here!
- - Private
Zoo/Animal Rehab/Preserve Photography
Cleveland Zoo? San Diego Zoo? Back to the Wild? Triple D? Share your images here!
- - Private
Misc. Photography
All other images go here!
- - Private

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